New DM9 Video (another video with Lang and Cuba)

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New DM9 Video (another video with Lang and Cuba)

Post  Spook on Sat Sep 20 2008, 09:53

Check out this Video. Olie and Nicky crack me up in the Video (just like an infomercial)

Pretty nice, but worth changing my DM8? I don't know yet. We know that the new clear eye insert will fit in the DM8 (Aftershock guys already had them).

I like how the fuse Bolt can now be taken out and the new case is nice to have

It is smaller, but not really that much. Last year they said that the DM8 was smaller and lighter than the DM7. In fact the DM8 was not as tall as the DM7, but it was slightly longer. The DM7 was actually lighter than the DM8. Not much, but still.

Pause the Video when the DM9 is close to the camera. Notice that the body is not as tall as the DM8 which should make it a smaller gun, but also notice the new UL frame (trigger frame) is much thicker. look at the distance between the body line and the top of the grip. They cut the body down by 1/4 inch, but made the UL frame 1/4 inch taller. You can actually see this better on the Dye web site. Hard to tell if it is that much shorter, maybe a little.

Adjustable trigger is nice, but when playing in ramping I think that the existing adjustments where enough

If we really get kick ass prices (team sponsorship) maybe I'll get one, but will I spend $1200 or whatever it will be, I don't know.

OK, OK I'll probably get one, Shiiiiiiiit.
Does anyone want to buy a DM7 (Nico wants my DM8)

Oh yea... New mask coming out soon it seems.

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Re: New DM9 Video (another video with Lang and Cuba)

Post  ethanp123 on Sat Sep 20 2008, 11:20

found this on the nation

could be the i4?


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